Announcing new historical weight training and fitness blog, FOUNDATIONS OF IRON

I would like to introduce readers of LivingMCM to my new blog, FOUNDATIONS OF IRON.


FOI deals with the history of physical fitness, particularly strength sports and weight training for strength and physique, from about the 1930s to the 1960s. It will include excerpts from long out-of-print books and magazine articles, with annotations and commentary, as well as historic video footage of the iron game, also with commentary. Additionally, there will be reviews of books and movies, and the occasional foray into historic gyms.

If you are a physical fitness enthusiast or a sports history buff, or if you are interested in learning something different about a particular aspect of life decades ago, I sincerely hope you will follow this new blog. I have a LOT of material already lined up, and I plan to post something of interest on the world of vintage strength and fitness one to two times a week.

With this, LivingMCM is going into semi-retirement for the time being. You may have already noticed that LivingMCM has not been updated in some time. I started LivingMCM with much enthusiasm, and an intention to write about all aspects of mid-twentieth century life and culture, such as modernist furniture and architecture, and old Hollywood films. However, perhaps my scope was too broad, and I ended up struggling to come up with good material that had not already been well-covered elsewhere online.

I found that the topic I wanted to post about the most was physical fitness and weight training for strength and physique in past decades, but there did not seem to be a lot of crossover between the vintage-loving retro revival community, and old-school strength sport enthusiasts. I may still occasionally post on LivingMCM, but my blogging focus will now be FOUNDATIONS OF IRON. Thank you to those who have shown interest in LivingMCM!


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